Crude Oil Posts 6 year low

Corn: December Corn settled up 7 ¼ cents at $3.75 ¼. Overnight weakness was met with a nice bounce in the wake of Wednesday’s USDA flop. Exports of old crop corn were only 29,200 MT which were down 87% from the 4-week average. New crop exports were 501,000 MT, of which 206 was “unknown” and presumably China. The managed funds remain long an estimated 155K contracts despite selling close to 40K contracts on Wednesday alone. The mid-day forecast called into question the duration and target of expected rains heading west. Exports gave us a glimmer of hope as new crop corn exports posted their best […]

Know Your Percentages in the Stock Indexes

For 8 years, between 1998 and 2006, I spent 7 hours a day, every day trading in the Dow futures pit. When it was busy, and before the onset of computerized trading, it was a market full of risk and also reward. In my opinion, it’s an over looked market by a lot of traders who concentrate on the S&P. However, the indexes give great opportunities even today for technical trades. There are also healthy spread opportunities for the quick and the nimble. If you are disciplined and trade within tight size limits, you can pull some good profits out of this market. Moving on […]