We have been in a 1000 point range for the past 3 months Point of Order

5 weeks ago we fell to 17000 in the dow and then rallied back to record highs 4 weeks later, picking up from 16962 up to 18270, a 1308 swing… Then we broke in 2 weeks, down to 17618 650 points… In the last 4 days, we rallied back 364 points. This article is particularly intended for a member of the panel last Friday who poo pooed 800 point moves… Granted, we have not had single day 800 point moves. But we have been moving in a 5% window which this chart outlines. My point was, 200 to 300 point moves every day are nothing to get excited about when we have been moving through a 1300 point trading range. End of discussion.

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