Are you looking for a valium after just a 3% “correction”? Just wait a bit….

The March Dow dropped 307 points today. The S&P 500 March futures dropped 35 handles. Time for some perspective, which, I gather is a four letter word for some… 6 days ago we were at record highs… that was 18,270 in DJH and 2117 in the SPH. That’s our starting point. I’ll put the Dow chart below first. You can see that we might drop back down into “the box” between 18,000 and 17,000. Remember, at 18270, 5% is 913 points. So we might very well continue to “explore the space” in that 913 points. Hopefully that puts 300 points in perspective. Today’s low is the lowest trade in 1-month. The pull back from 18,270 to today’s low is 614 points… That’s 3.3%. Food for thought … 5% would be 17,357 10% would be 16,443. 20% would be 14,616 For perspective, the 1-year low planted on October 15, 2014, was 15740. That’s 2500 points from last Monday’s record high… That would be 14%… I include these so I know myself the levels I’d be interested in trying to buy on breaks. Tomorrow I’ll do the SPH corrections..

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