Are Brazilian Truck Drivers Long Soybeans?

February 27, 2015 Written By Chris Robinson Corn: May corn settled up 4 ¼ cents at $3.93 ¼. December corn settled up 3 ½ cents at $4.17 ½. The Spring Insurance price is $4.14 ¾ which is the average of the closing prices for December corn for the month of February. For the week, December gained 1 ¼ cents, while May corn gained just ¼ cent. Bulls were supported by some worries that the rain is hampering the Safrinha corn planting in Mato Grosso and central Brazil. The trucker strike snarling the roads is also delaying the delivery of fuel, and this could slow planting […]

Valentines for the Dow and the Beans

February 13, 2015 Written by Chris Robinson Corn: March corn settled up 4 ¼ cents at $3.87 ¼. New crop CZ15 settled up 4 ½ at $4.17 ½. For the week March gained just 1 ½ cents, while December gained a whopping ¾ of a cent. Typical pre-holiday trade today with choppy 2 sided trade. Funds bought an estimated 2600 contracts. We saw more corn/wheat corn/bean spreading today as we finished the Goldman roll yesterday. US markets are closed Monday. Chinese are expected to be off line as they have a weeklong Lunar New Year Holiday. Traders are positioning for March options expiration next Friday. […]

Grains— No Bull Story? Watch the Technicals and hope for a break out

The Daily Charts for Corn, Wheat and Beans in the Spot month (H) March… All have one thing in common. Bear trend lines going back to The Highs Last July 6-months ago. Trend lines are not infallible. However, barring a fundamental story to move these market, grain traders and hedgers can’t pretend like they don’t exist. Barring any thing else to look at , everyone will take note of these T-lines, especially since they are over 6 months old. A 5 minute trend line is almost meaningless. A 6 month trend line is definitely worth paying attention to. Caveat Emptor with these trend lines: Here […]

Supply and Demand Report – Traders Exclusive – Chris Robinson talks about the USDA’s Supply and demand report. This is a technical market as opposed to a fundamental market.

Supply and Demand Report – Traders Exclusive – Chris Robinson talks about the USDA’s Supply and demand report. This is a technical market as opposed to a fundamental market.

For Grain Hedgers and Traders-Week End Get Set for Tuesday’s USDA

February 6, 2015 Corn: March Corn settled up ½ cent at $3.85 ¾ which is the highest settlement in 2-weeks. New crop corn settled up ¾ cent at $4.16 ¾ which is also a 2-week high settlement. Corn moved sharply higher overnight, posting its best level in 2 weeks, and the highest tick so far for the month. Corn sold off early but then fought back through the rest of the day. In the absence of fresh fundamental news, corn remains at the whim of the funds and the technical traders. New crop CZ pushed up to within ½ cent of $4.20 overnight, but also […]

We’re at the top— Now What? — Ask the Fed…

It seems to me it makes more sense here to protect paper profits here, hope for a new leg higher, and see how this plays out. With the fed getting more hawkish, will the rally continue? Will the rest of the world printing money continue to force foreign money into equities? Those are bigger macro fish than I can fry. Best Bet is to stay long and look for the next 5% move.

These charts show us […]

Dueling Trend lines in the Dow and S&P500 Set up for a “Coin-Flip Friday”

Currently we have poked our collective head above that daily trend line on top of the March Dow Futures… As we get ready for tomorrow’s un-employment number, its really no surprise. It truly is a coinflip tomorrow as to weather we power on to new highs, or take a cliff-dive, base jump from these heights.

Below is the corresponding formation in the S&P500. I realize most speculators like the S&P, but in my opinion, both indexes need to be watched together.

Head Fake costs the Perma Bears 600 pts

Do you think people were looking at that lower trend line on this pennant formation in the Dow ? Monday they really go after it to the downside, we posted a fresh 3 month low, then the algo traders caught all the week shorts off guard and ran them out to the tune of 638 points! We could very easily spike above the upper trend line next, with no guarantees the algo traders won’t nail the weak longs and slam it lower after a test of 17,800. Friday’s un-enjoyment report at […]