3-week highs in the Cattle and Hogs to End August

August 29, 2014

Cash Cattle: Cattle caught a bid today, the last business day of the month. On light trade Nebraska traded $155 live. Dressed traded up 3 dollars at $245. Iowa dressed traded $243.00. The USDA reported choice cut out down $0.90 at $245.99 and select down $0.49 at $234.78.

August Fat cattle settled up $1.25 at $155.90. This is the highest settlement in 3 weeks. October settled up $1.25 at $155.90, December up $1.25at $153.90. These […]

Gold Bugs— How does your garden grow?

Despite a crisis almost every weekend this year,  gold has been in the doldrums.  It’s not bad enough that Gold has lost 30% of its vale from the halcyon days of August 2011. That was the peak of the Summer panic prior to the November 2012 Elections,  roughly 12 weeks before the November election.

Flash back and you can remember the entire world was bear ed up.  What happened?  Despite TV actors and Talk radio hosts of every political bent  preaching gold gold gold,  The crisis mentality passed.  Over the next 27 months,  gold dropped  down to its low of 1185 per ounce, in December […]

Crude Oil Futures Have major 5-year Bull T-line support

Above is a 5-year weekly chart for September Crude Oil Futures.  There is large resistance above at the 106 level. which capped our recent spike up in the last week of June with the myriad of geopolitical messes in the mid east and Russia.

Support below comes in the form of this 5-year old bull trendline.  Any move down will have traders eyeing this support.
The longer and older the frame of reference on a chart development, the more significant it is.  It gives both bull and bears something to […]

Corn Can’t Hold its 1-month High?

Written by Chris Robinson

Corn: September Corn settled down 5 cents at $3.60. New crop CZ settled down 5 ½ cents at $3.71 ½. September opened higher in the overnight session and moved to a one month high print at $3.70. This partially filled the gap going back to the July 18th low at 3.70 ¾. When the pit opened up, the market tested that level one more time and then headed south for the rest of the day. This move appeared to be fueled by funds buying […]

Crude Oil, Despite Today’s Putin Bounce- is sitting at a 5-month low, looking down at 91.00 as support

Sep Crude oil, depite Mr. Putin, is poised to test 91.00 on the weekly charts.
interesting the knee jerk reaction, once again saw stocks break (then rally back)  and the grains rallied.  Truly knee jerk rally in the wheat here in the US.  Although short lived.  Anything can change over the weekend, but despite these shocks,  the supply and demand is pointing towards lower gold and stronger stocks.
Note the weekly chart below in crude oil.    Note the resistance at $106.60 for Sep Crude.  If we ever trade above that, you would expect a break out higher.    Vise versa,  if we settle below […]