Short Sep Dow agains 15500. Short Sep SP’s against 1690.00

Above is a chart of Sep S&;P futures.  It could break 100 handles from this level and still be in a bull trend.

This week we have a lot of financial info coming out, culminating with Friday’s Un Enjoyment Report.
Although this number is a pale imitation of an imitation of itself compared to Pre-2001,  its still a widely followed number.  I won’t get into the argument of how it doesn’t represent true un employed. How it doesn’t account for those discouraged workers who have stopped trying for a new job; it doesn’t account for the increasing # of disabled workers (at last count more than the entire population of Greece–

Fact is we’ve been on a hell of a good rally and are just over due for a correction.
That being said, I am not going to fight the bull trend if there is another 100 handles left in the S&P rally, or another 1,000 pts in the Dow.
IF we make new high settlements on Friday, my guess is that we’ll continue to trend higher.

In fact, we could have a 1500 pt break in Sep Dow or a 100 handled correction in Sep S&P’s  down to 1575 and still be in an uptrend.

So,  Stay short:  Use your  protective buy stops.  This week could be pivotal for the next 6 weeks of trade.
Remember: A good portion of Europe shuts down for August.  Ditto for a lot of fund mangers who have vacation plans on their minds.


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