Gold down another 100 bucks an ounce, and its only 8:30 AM 1385 was the 5AM low

June gold fell to 1385..  1367 is my down side support, but that could be run through like a Sherman tank going through Pizza Dough.   If you try to pick the bottom, god be with you, and make sure you have sell stops to protect yourself.  Ditto on Silver… Down 2.63 at 23.70 April silver has dropped from 32 bucks an ounce to today’s low at 23…. That’s going to leave a mark.

Corn, Wheat, Beans,  all taking it on the chin.  new crop beans down 10,  Wheat down 18 , New crop corn, after completing its 50% retracement has fallen from 5.50 to 5.35

Risk off day.  Batten down the hatches or stay short.


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