1400 is a given in the S&P Cash

We’ll see 1400 shortly in the S&P cash. There’s resistance there, 1440 and then 1500. the all time high was 1576 back on the first week of October, 2008.
1365 looks to be the new floor of support.
Trade Accordingly.
Regardless of the fundamentals, the market is telling us it wants to go higher.
all those bearish fund managers quoted back in the New York Time and WSJ around December?
I hope they flipped and got long.
If they haven’t yet, I’d love to know when they finally flip.

On a side note, May corn back making a new high for the year. We just took out the jan 3 high at 672 1/2. I’d look to get out of longs and put on some cheap puts.

The May beans look bound and determined to go to 13.75 and then 14.00


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