500 pts higher- 400 pts lower– SERIOUSLY??

More silliness in Stocks as markets try to decide which way to go.. as of this writing its 450 lower in the Dow. S&P’s down 44 at 1128.. Remember S&P at 1300? For 6 months, starting last February, S&P cash could not get above 13.50 or below 12.50

The break out below was painful.

I bring this up because it looks suspiciously like the November Bean Chart. Beans have been stuck between 12.80 and 14.00 for ?? 7 months.

The break out above or below will be impressive.

Corn has been in a 1.50 range for 2 months, 5.50 up to 7.00. Again, the move will be impressive.

Tomorrow at 730 USDA has a S/D report. It could be impressive.

I’d buy Week 2 August straddles 650 put/ 710 call for ten cents.in corn

I’d buy week 2 August straddle in beans using the same strategy.

They are options that have 3 days of life. good risk reward. Spend 500 bucks an option.

Sit back and wait for the number.


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