Where’s China? and we are short the Dow at the Trendline

Still waiting for China to show up in the USDA… My gut tells me we’ll be waiting for a while.

We are short the Dow futures at 12100. We got filled overnight. I have a buy stop above, but I am looking to risk one standard deviation to the upside.
We’ll sit tight now and see how it turns out.

I am really looking at buying the US Dollar index on a spec once again. Two weeks ago it looked pretty good. We made a small profit. I think you do one of the two following trades 1) buy a june dollar index future here today at the 76.00 level and risk it down to 75.00 on a tight stop. Or 2) spend .50 cents on a june 78 call and sit tight. I am looking more towards the option vs the future.

That is all.

More later today.
Good Trading

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