Crude Short looks good

Friday, I suggested getting short at the 106.50-106.00 area. Today we are down 1.50.
Make sure you move your buy stop down and secure guaranteed profit. Do not let this position be anything less than a winner.

I am still short the Dow. I will wait another few days. 12,400 may be an area to add to shorts at 12,100. However, we will have to have an iron clad exit stop above 12,400.

As for the grains, we will chop sideways until Thursday’s USDA report. Gold is down another 13.00
I can’t believe I was just .40 cents away from getting filled an being short at 1149.00 Today we are at 1413.
Ah well.
We will get another chance to sell 1450 I think this year. One trade I like is getting long gold at 1379 or 1362.

Silver 35.85 and 35.30 are buys.

That is all.

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