Who doesn’t want to see the 11,000 print?

Here we sit, 25 points away from the 11,000 print. Someone obviously does not want that print to go out. We got reasonably bullish un-enjoyment figures on Good Friday.
Regardless of you political ilk, or any suspicions about the validity of that 9.7 percent figure, the number is what it is. The US did grow 162K jobs last month, the biggest rise out of the 3 spikes up we have seen in the last 3 years.

As i am writing this, the trading high is 10,988. Who or what is holding us from getting the print out?
One thing I know, is that no matter […]

10,983.14? But no 11,000 ?

Less than 17 ticks from 11,000 is the high print from Thursday. Today, Good Friday, the futures market was open for a 1/2 day, but cash markets were closed. Today’s unemployment figures showed an increase of 162K non-farm payroll. This was only the third time since 2007 that we have had an increase in this number. Today’s was the largest increase of the 3.
Time to break out the party hats? Unemployment holds at 9.7%. Monday will be the first real test to see if funds come back and start buying. Spring break is over, perhaps the fund managers will be back from Aspen/Snowmass from […]

No Interest and No Volatility heading into Easter Break

Interesting that there is such a lack of volatility and/or interest in the US stock indices. The Dow is mired in a narrow 200 point sideways trading range for the past 8 trading sessions. On the charts we look a little toppy, but for the life of me I can’t imagine why we haven’t had at least an intra-day pop up to the 11,000 level, if only for a stop hunting expedition.
It just goes to show that in general, there is a lack of interest in these markets, and what we will continue to do is drift sideways to higher.

Stocks absorbed […]

Bigger Carryouts Pull Grains Lower–11000 Dow an Early Easter Bunny Present

Well, the planting intentions is history. CK loses 9 1/2 cents and settles at 3.45. Acreages estimate was 88.8 mil acres, 2.3 more than last year. Stocks estimated at 7.694, 750mil more than last year. Gave us the lowest settlement since September. there is a gap on the charts down at 338. We should see that in the next few session.
Today will be interesting b/c its the last trading day before a holiday week, and the first trading day of a new quarter…

Crude oil dancing towards $85 a barrel will be the ace in the hole, so to speak for commodities. A […]