Top Third Ag Marketing Hedging Program

If you are United States farmer and are not consistently marketing your grain and livestock in the top one-third of available prices during a marketing year, you need to come to
Mark Gold is the brains behind the marketing plan at top third. I first met Mark in 1996 when I moved from the mid-am market into the “big room” at the CBOT. He was a broker/trader in the Soybean pit and one of the first guys who I became friends with in that Soybean Pit.
Luckily for me, Mark and I became friends, and he taught me many of the basic trading rules which I follow through this day. He has a very good sense for the market, and if you go to the top third website, you will be able to read his whole bio.

I recently joined Top Third Ag Marketing and I am very excited about the value of Mark’s Ag marketing plan for the American farmer.
At top third, we don’t charge a management feed, marketing fee or bushel fee for our clients.
Our clients are never exposed to margin calls.
We manage our client’s cash sales in combination with protection for the down side, while positioning ourselves to benefit from the upside rally.
Your average American Farmer is the ultimate bull. They are always looking for higher prices. The reality is, however, that that bullishness can lead to inappropriate marketing decisions, resulting in less than ideal marketing results.
Studies show that the average American farmer markets their grain and livestock in the bottom 1/3 of available prices during a marketing year.
Top Third Clients enjoy the reverse, consistently marketing their grain in the top 1/3 of available pricing.
With over 1800 clients, Mark Gold has consistently grown his client base over the past 15 years.
IF you are ready to do a better job marketing, call me at top third AG Marketing.
Call me toll free at 866.924.0486.

Mark Gold’s hedging program is tried and true. We can help maximize your marketing regardless of which way the markets go.
As a producer working with a professional risk manager, you will sleep better at night. You will have well priced protection for the down-side, while being in a position to take advantage of the market if we get those higher prices that we are all hoping for.


Give me a call so we can talk about what our program can mean to your bottom line as a producer.

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