Good Support Levels for DJZ and the Jan Beans

Interesting, the DJZ came within ten ticks of the 38 percent retracement of the upmove. The low so far is 10157. The retracement is 10147, and people think technical analysis is garbage?

Anyhow, in the beans, we’ve had a new low at 1025, but the retracement for SF you should look at is the following:

The Nove 23rd high was 1066 3/4. The Nov 9th low was 951 1/4. A one dollar 16 cent rally.
The first support is at 1023… Just 2 ticks off of our low so far this night session.
The 50 percent retracement is 1009. The 62 percent retracement is at 9956.

Watch those fibonacci retracements. They are simple, effective and act like magnets for moves.


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