Always look for the half-way back move

Last Friday’s high on the daily charts in SX was 1029 1/2, yesterdays low was 959 1/2 or a 70 point crap in 4 trading days…Half-way back is 35 cents, which gives us a target of 995, not 85 which I had written earlier..
As of this writing, however the high in SX is around 86 half…. In the wheat, last Friday’s high was 575, Wed’s low was 491 for a 84 cent flush.. Half-way back is 42 cents or a target of 533…

CZ had a high last Friday at 414 with a Wed at 364 for a 50 cent move.. half way back is 25 cents, or a target at 389… Just numbers to look at…

More often then not, we trade to the halfway point…Its a constant through a lot of markets and a lot of indexes as well… Later on I will site some other examples of this phenomenon in a later post.
For Now
Good Trading

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